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It was with sadness and trepidation last October that we closed Summer Jo's doors. It was the first time in twelve years we'd shut down for the whole winter. It was heartbreaking to say good-bye to employees and friends who had been with us for years, not knowing for sure if we were going to be able to reopen come Spring.

But here we are, with a talented, enthusiastic staff, hope of an improving economy, more hours of daylight, and warmer weather. Our spirits are lifted, our outlook is optimistic, and we've got some great stuff planned for this year.

But relaunching is still a challenge. We have to front money for food, wine, insurance, and marketing before any money comes in. That's why we came up with Summer Jo's JO JO BUCKS.

For $9, you can purchase a $10 JO JO BUCK, good for $10 on Summer Jo's purchases at the restaurant, the farmstand, or Grants Pass Growers' Market. You can purchase as many JO JO BUCKs as you like, and they can be used starting one month from date of issue, and up to a year after that.

What you get is a ten percent discount. What we get is help with cash flow. By purchasing JO JO BUCKs you are helping Summer Jo's get back on its feet by underwriting its opening and continued operation.

Thanks in advance and thanks for your past support. We've missed you and look forward to feeding you some delicious, nutritious meals.
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Evolutionary Eatery

Many thanks to editor Sarah Lemon and photographer Jim Craven for a beautiful cover story and feature in the September 2010 issue of Oregon Healthy Living.

As we wind down for the winter after a cool El Nino summer, there's only a little time left to come out for a farm-fresh, house-made, gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The next time your at your local coop or yoga studio, grab a copy of the issue pictured here for a sweet little read about about food so fresh that its trip from the farm to your fork can be measured in feet, not miles.

» Read cover story in Oregon Healthy Living
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Meet Sophie Jo

For nine years, our golden Lab Zelda was Summer Jo’s official greeter. It took a while before Nancy and Mike could even imagine getting another dog. Zelda was a sweet spirit and we knew we couldn’t replace her. Also, it’s been 16 years since we embraced the daunting task of raising a puppy. But we’ve decided it’s time to bring another little joybud into our lives. 
According to her current Moms, Sophie Jo “is loving and very gentle and sweet.” Right now she’s working on her skills in chasing tennis balls, giving kisses, and walking around while holding her toys in her mouth as if to show off. 
Sophie Jo will arrive at Summer Jo’s on Monday, May 4. We will be introducing her to the baby chicks, showing her around the farm, and beginning her education in Summer Jo’s manners and decorum. And of course there will be a lot of playing, which is very important for a puppy. And for all of us, come to think of it.

We hope you swing by and say hi to Sophie Jo, Summer Jo’s new greeter-in-training.
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